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Our Programs

Clinic and Preschool Under One Roof

Little Wings Preschool is run symbiotically with it's sister agency, MP HealthMP Health provides services for kids ages 3 and above. These services include; Speech Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy, Child Development Services, and Counseling Services. All children enrolled in Little Wings Preschool have access to these services if they qualify for Little Wings Two and 1:1. 


Little Wings 

Little Wings preschool is a Bilingual, developmental program with an emphasis on outdoor learning which offers a unique preschool experience for children age 3  through school age. Children who attend little Wings go to school alongside their special needs peers. Inclusive preschool help foster the development of empathy, understanding, acceptance and respect for the differences of others. Little Wings teaches children self-confidence, a sense of belonging, and appreciation for personal uniqueness, and celebrates diversity.

Children can attend:

Full time: 8:00am - 4:30 pm 

Part time: 8 am-12pm 


Little Wings Two

Little Wings Two is a developmental preschool program, contained within our current Little Wings program.  However, children in this program are supported throughout the day with extra therapy services provided by the MP Health in house clinicians. Children qualify for this program after being identified by a current (within 6 months), IFSP, IEP or an MP Health assessment.  Children receive daily Speech and/or Occupational Therapy services individually (30 minutes each) and/or in a group as determined by their level of need. The option of 60-minute sessions is available only if recommended by the MP Health team.


Little Wings 1:1

Little Wings 1:1 offers a one on one option where each child is individually supported while attending the preschool program by either a specially trained early interventionist, family member, or designated Aide.  In addition to this support, a therapist provides a 30-minute consult weekly to support the teacher working with this child.  Children in the 1:1 program receive the same therapy level of services as children in the Little Wings two, plus the additional 1:1 support.  Parents of children in this program are required to attend a 30-minute weekly training provided by the MP Health therapists in order to understand how their child is being supported at school and reduplicate this at home.

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