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Our Philosophy & Mission Statement 

Philosophy on Quality Child Care

Little Wings was created in partnership with MP Health ( a sister agency of Mariposas Project- Early Intervention Agency). Little Wings was established as a place where children with special needs could participate in a typical preschool-like setting while receiving all the additional support they would need to be successful and thrive. Little Wings welcomes all children of varied developmental abilities, ethnicities, and economic backgrounds. 

At Little Wings, we see children as strong, capable, and rich in ideas. We believe that all children have the desire to communicate and connect. Little Wings takes its inspiration from the Reggio Emilia approach to preschool education, which gives parents, teachers and children an equal voice in the learning experience. The Little Wings philosophy draws on the Reggio Emilia approach, Constructivism, and the ideas of Vygotsky and Piaget. The interests and ideas of children form the framework for our curriculum. Our thoughtfully-designed classroom environments foster exploration, experimentation, and interaction among children. Active participation by parents is essential to the success of our preschool, and forms the third point of the triangle of relationships among children, teachers, and parents.

Mission Statement

Little Wings mission is to provide an inclusive early-learning environment for children and families. Our vision is to create a world in which children (and adults) value each other’s' cultural, physical, and intellectual differences. At Little Wings, we offer children an expansive range of perspectives by welcoming children of varied developmental abilities, ethnicities and economic backgrounds. We combine a range of age groups in our classroom, in order to help children, develop; empathy, understanding, acceptance and respect for the differences of others. Little Wings teaches children self-confidence, a sense of belonging, and appreciation for personal uniqueness, emulating and celebrating diversity and the world beyond.

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