Little Wings Team


Dani Burg

Owner and Director

With a nurturing personality and hands-on approach towards learning, we are thrilled to have Dani as our preschool director. Dani has a Bachelors in Kinesiology and a Masters in Early Childhood Education. Dani has been working with special needs children for the past 6 years. She is very passionate about bringing an inclusive preschool to her community and creating programs for children of all abilities.


Little Wings Team

Passionate, dedicated, and loving, Little Wings teachers love their work and it shows in everything they do. Our goal is to make a positive difference on young kids who come to our Preschool.

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Tony Burg 

Simply put, Tony is responsible for bringing Dani's vision of an inclusion preschool to life.

Having left the cold, corporate world in 2017, Tony decided to put his time and creative-energy towards "building" a business from the ground up. From the rock climbing walls to the running river, you name it- Tony built it! (And occasionally has to fix it!)  While not in the classroom, Tony is behind the scenes making sure everything runs as it should!


Miss Rachel

Rachel is our Butterflies teacher (4-5 years old) here at Little Wings! Rachel is a SLOcal, born and raised, and studied Early Childhood Education at Cuesta College. Rachel brings with her a wealth of knowledge and experience as she has been working as a preschool teacher in the North county for 7 years now. Rachel has a real desire to make a difference in the lives of children- which has given her the ability to connect with every child she meets.


Miss Kayla

Please meet Miss Kayla!

Kayla is our Caterpillars Teacher (Ages 2-3) here at Little Wings! While she is an Atascadero native, she received her B.S. in Education from Northern Arizona University. Despite having a wealth of experience in both kindergarten and elementary school, she has found her passion to be working with the little ones and decided to bring her talents back home to Little Wings! With a caring, patient, and goofy attitude, Kayla is always smiling and loves what she does.



With limitless energy and an unconditional love for children, Gina is in her element when she's in the classroom. Gina loves teaching kids new things every day and thrives off of their learning. In short, Teacher Gina provides a fun and educational environment for everyone.

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Possessing a contagious enthusiasm and positive attitude, Carmen Cano has been an amazing asset for Little Wings as both an Office Assistant AND Preschool Teacher's Assistant.


Little Wings Team

In House Therapists

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Bilingual Speech and Language Pathologist 

Silvia Wasjutin

Silvia Wasjutin is an incredible bilingual speech-language pathologist licensed by the state of California. She studied in both Argentina and in the United States at UCSB. Silvia has been working with children for over 20 years. She currently runs a successful bilingual music and language group in Santa Barbara. Silvia is passionate about providing therapy to all children in need.